Whether it’s about port access gates, toll-way stations or rail/subway turnstiles, we know exactly how important safety, security and efficiency are to your business. We use future-proof technology for real-time management of vehicle, goods and people flows.

Sesamo makes for flexible, customised solutions that bring automation to the entire transit procedure: from user identification, data acquisition, tolling, ticket validation to transit authorisation and beyond.

Modularity that accommodates any working context means that Sesamo is able to respond to all of your gate automation needs. That’s why major port, motorway and public transportation companies have chosen Aitek Sesamo technology.


Sesamo is the well-proven solution for automatic transit management.

How does it work?

Sesamo applications integrate software modules each managing a specific functionality. This ensures full control of the overall service delivery. Sesamo modules share data and info thus enabling the management of complex, distributed tasks.

The management of remote devices and acquired data allow Sesamo software module solutions to:

  1. Detect and identify users
  2. Check that users are duly enabled for the required service
  3. Guarantee the delivery of service through the management of end-devices
  4. Manage fare-collection procedures

Integrating management software makes for customised solutions that fit all needs, reduce operating times and improve safety and security levels even under critical conditions.


→ Fully automated transit/access procedures

→ Toll management for any lane and payment type

→ Improved reliability of vehicle/load inspection procedures

→ DB storage of transit data available on a web-based interface

→ Lower operating times, better safety and security levels, greater reliability

→ Integrates pre-existing, third-party IT applications

→ Integrates AiVu video-management and Upview automation management platforms

→ Implements complex systems through highly adaptable software modules

→ Low maintenance, easily expandable, does not inferences with system operation


Gate automation for the full control of goods and vehicles

Aitek supplies automatic management of vehicle transits at access gates, parking lots and permit areas. High adaptability to existing infrastructures and remarkable modularity make for fully bespoke solutions that are well-suited to managing more than just barriers, traffic lights and traffic sensors. Sesamo automatically acquires transit data (e.g. plate numbers, transit image/footage, payments, ID container codes, ADR codes for dangerous goods, etc.) from unmanned access gates.

Electronic Toll Collection Systems

Toll collection is paramount for motorway companies, that need secure and reliable tools that automate transit procedures at entry/exit gates. Sesamo solutions are the result of 20+ years of field-experience. We can provide you with well-proven functionalities for the overall management of tolling via any enabled payment channel (manual, automatic, electronic fee collection).         

Access control at turnstiles and “smart” ticketing

Preventing fare-dodging on trains and subways makes for cost-containment and quality service. Aitek’s innovative smartphone-based solution supplies you with automated access control and real-time ticket inspection. An innovative solution for safer, smarter, smoothers rail and subway travel!  



Sesamo-Toll is the well-proven solution for managing toll collection systems. A wide range of software modules allow to efficiently and securely manage the entire toll collection procedure.



Sesamo-Gate is the complete solution for managing all people, vehicle and container control procedures for any pedestrian, roadway or train entry gate.



Sesamo-Ticket is an innovative solution for automated access control and the real-time check of ticket validity allowing passengers to access tracks using the smartphone.


Case histories

ATM Spa – Milan Public Transport

ATM Azienda Trasporti Milanesi and Aitek have developed firmware for 400 smart turnstiles of subway stations in Milan. Use your smartphone to gain access to trains!

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A4 Katowice-Krakow motorway (Poland)

Autostrade Tech S.p.A. have updated the toll-collection technology on the Katowice-Krakow motorway in Poland. Aitek’s contributed to the project with the development of the toll-lane controller software and the Customer Management web application.
case_history Italia-Flag United-Kingdom-flag


Port of Venice (Italy)

Road traffic data-acquisition, traffic light and Variable Message Sign management, IP-based videomonitoring: an integrated dashboard-operated supervision system.

case_history Italia-Flag United-Kingdom-flag


Port of Trieste

Aitek has designed automation technology for Riva Traiana and Via della Rampa road gates, ROLA Intermodal gate and one railway gate of Trieste harbour.

case_history Italia-Flag United-Kingdom-flag


SECH Terminal – Port of Genoa

SECH S.p.A. is the company managing one of the biggest Container Terminals of the Port of Genoa and it has entrusted Aitek with the development of a system for the complete management of the transits of vehicles and containers at the exit gate of the terminal.

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Padua dry port

Video cameras, laser scanners and Aitek’s software for the automated management of a railway gate and the real-time acquisition of the ID codes of containers and railway wagons.
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Reefer Terminal – Port of Savona-Vado

Aitek has developed the system for checking the integrity of the seals of containers in transit at the access gates of the Reefer terminal of the port of Savona-Vado.

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Reefer Terminal – Port of Savona-Vado

The Aitek solution employs software modules for acquiring images of the visible surfaces of the containers, thus allowing structural damage to containers to be detected before access to the terminal. In case of complaints, checks can be immediately performed by viewing the recordings associated with the transits.

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