Protecting people, safeguarding the environment and taking care of public property. Ensuring urban areas are safe and secure is becoming more challenging.

Aitek provide Public Administrations and Police Forces with a wide range of solutions for 24/7 access to footage from surveillance cameras in public buildings, town squares, roads and parks.

videosecurity_territorioSafe cities enhance their appeal and attract tourists and investors. That’s why reliable technology is paramount when it comes to protecting both people and businesses.

The AiVu high-performance platform guarantees 24/7 access to HD live and recordings, both from the control centre and hand-held devices. Pan-Tilt-Zoom options make for a 360-degree rotation with no “blind spots” and system upgrades are possible at any time! Our special CCTV solutions deploy post- or trolley-mounted video-cameras for the surveillance of marches/parades and sports/outdoor events.


  • 24/7 HD video-monitoring for strict surveillance in urban areas
  • Footage may be displayed on any screen type and control room video-wall
  • Simultaneous display of footage from different cameras
  • Setting of video-camera patrols for remote and off-site monitoring
  • User-friendly selection and download of recordings for event reconstruction
  • Access to footage from workstations or police force mobile devices
  • Integrates temporary CCTV solutions for outdoor events
  • Post-mounted solutions integrating CCTV, video-analytics, Wi-Fi and weather sensors

territorio_vcaIn urban areas anything can happen at any time, and being everywhere at once is impossible.

That’s why video-analytics is crucial to real-time detection of danger. AiVu-Smart Modules is a state-of-the-art application that integrates CCTV for ready detection of potential danger in built-up areas. Our software modules guarantee prompt turn-around responses to such events as intrusion, over-crowding, unattended items, vandalism, smoke, queues, tailbacks and road accidents.


  • Integrated CCTV+video analytics solutions customized to specific security needs
  • Real-time detection of un-authorized accesses to restricted areas, intrusions, trespassing, unattended/removed items, vandalism and loitering
  • Increased protection and sense of safety, reduced turn-around response times following emergencies
  • Real-time forwarding of alarms and relevant recordings to the control centre and to police force mobile devices
  • Integrates third-party IT systems: traffic monitoring, civil defence, etc