Increased road traffic creates greater challenges for network operators. With road and tollway security as a must, automated traffic management solutions are crucial.

Aitek bring together state-of-the-art data acquisition, image processing technology and ITS-specific know-how to offer advanced tolling, traffic monitoring and transit management solutions.

strade_esazioneToll collection is paramount for motorway management companies.

Highly-reliable and state-of-the-art tools and technology are deployed to automate transit management procedures and to ensure the efficiency and security of tolling operations.
Sesamo-Toll is the result of 20+ years of field-specific experience in developing software solutions for major motorway companies. We provide well-proven functionalities for the overall management of tolling via all enabled payment channels – manual, automatic or electronic fee collection.


  • Automated transit and access procedures
  • Toll management system for all kinds of lane and payment
  • Reliably vehicle and load inspection procedures
  • DB storage of transit data available via web-based interface
  • Shorter operating times, better safety and security levels, greater reliability
  • Low maintenance and long-term expandability that do not affect system operation
  • Integrates pre-existing, third-party IT applications

strade_gateSesamo-Gate supplies systems for the automatic management of vehicle transits at access gates, parking lots and congestion charge areas.

High adaptability to existing infrastructure and remarkable modularity make for fully bespoke solutions able to operate more than just barriers, traffic lights and traffic sensors. Sesamo-Gate automatically acquires transit data, such as plate numbers, transit image/footage, payments, ID container codes and ADR codes for dangerous goods.


  • Full automation of transit control procedures at access gates
  • Highly modular platform tailored to specific operational needs
  • Manages sensors, actuators and interfaces for automated lane control procedures
  • Acquisition and recording of HD footage per single transit
  • Integrates existing motorway IT systems
  • Remote/unmanned control of transit procedures
  • Embeds into infrastructure with critical space constraints
  • Minimum operational requirements with high performance standards (>95% accuracy)

strade_video2Fully monitored road and motorway networks depend on “smart”, reliable video-surveillance applications.

Aitek assist leading motorway companies by supplying well-proven applications for the monitoring of extended networks. Our AiVu video-security platform helps you keep exit/entry gates, service areas, lay-bys, tunnels, toll stations, road-works as well as thousands of miles of roads under 24/7 surveillance.


  • Design and implementation of bespoke video-security systems
  • 24/7 monitoring of complex and extended road networks
  • Integrates and revamps pre-existing analogue CCTV
  • Reduced turn-around response times following emergencies
  • Easy access to footage from mobile devices
  • Integrates third-party supervisory systems, including real-time forwarding of footage

strade_vcaThe human eye is not enough when it comes to detecting danger or threats and enforcing high standards of traffic safety and infrastructure security at all times.

AiVu-Smart AID is a video-analytics solution that integrates video-surveillance for real-time detection of intrusions, stationary vehicles, queues, tailbacks, speed-drops, wrong-way vehicles and smoke. The system may also be set to perform such tasks as tallying and classifying traffic by size. Through a variety of advanced functionalities, AiVu-Smart AID helps motorway and mobility companies effectively handle critical situations and acquire statistical data for informed traffic management.


  • Real-time detection of critical situations and support with decision-making aimed at pro-active problem-solving
  • Increased operational efficiency, minimal operational stops
  • Reduced turn-around response times
  • Supports the control centre and emergency intervention teams
  • Automatic forwarding of alarms and relevant recordings to the control centre and to hand-held devices
  • Acquiring and processing statistical data for reporting and business intelligence purposes

Case histories

A4 Katowice-Krakow motorway (Poland)

Autostrade Tech S.p.A. have updated the toll-collection technology on the Katowice-Krakow motorway in Poland. Aitek’s contributed to the project with the development of the toll-lane controller software and the Customer Management web application.

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Sinelec S.p.A – Plug&Toll project

Aitek and Circle Garage supported Sinelec in all phases of the Plug & Toll project, the web application for software configuration and update integrated into the S * GATE platform, a Multi-Lane, Free-Flow tolling solution.

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