Over thirty-five years of growth built on on-going research, technological improvement and international partnerships

Aitek is all about Innovative Technological Solutions. We develop intelligent systems for transportation, video-surveillance for security, and digital signage for communication.

Aitek, with 35+ years of experience, has emerged as a significant expression of Italian SMEs, reaching a position of technological leadership in the creation, development and integration of ICT systems. Our solutions are meant to be integrable, customizable and just like design clothes, they are tailored to perfectly suit our customers needs and be long lasting. Our staff is our strength: an highly qualified, dynamic and constantly up-to-date group of skilled professional work side-by-side with our customers, to provide complete high-tech and high-value solutions for their competitive advantage.

Aitek has achieved an excellent knowledge of the national and international market and prides on a vast know-how of solutions, products and state-of-the-art methodologies. Aitek supports its customers as an adviser/partner, able to supply quality solutions.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data engineering, microservices, containers, cloud computing: Aitek provides its know-how in selecting the most advanced technologies that best meet any operational need. This is why we support our customers step by step, from the design, to integration in their IT infrastructure, up to production.

Today, cybersecurity is a fundamental aspect of any project. Following the security-by-design approach, Aitek solutions are designed from the beginning to be inherently secure: an innovative software development methodology, thanks to which all our systems are protected from any unexpected attacks and vulnerabilities.

Reliability, integration and customization are our watchwords. All our solutions respect them: here’s why Aitek is your ideal technology partner to meet together the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.

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Aitek is your ideal technology partner to meet together the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.