Over thirty years of growth built on on-going research, technological improvement and international partnerships

Aitek is all about Innovative Technological Solutions. We develop intelligent systems for transportation, video-surveillance for security, and digital signage for communication.

Aitek, with more than 30 years of experience, has emerged as a significant expression of Italian SMEs, reaching a position of technological leadership in the creation, development and integration of ICT systems. Our solutions are meant to be integrable, customizable and just like design clothes, they are tailored to perfectly suit our customers needs and be long lasting. Our staff is our strength: an highly qualified, dynamic and constantly up-to-date group of skilled professional work side-by-side with our customers, to provide complete high-tech and high-value solutions for their competitive advantage.

Aitek has achieved an excellent knowledge of the national and international market and prides on a vast know-how of solutions, products and state-of-the-art methodologies. Aitek supports its customers as an adviser/partner, able to supply quality solutions.

The choice to operate in highly innovative areas requires strong investments in industrial research and a close collaboration with the scientific and technological community. For this reason, since its very beginning, Aitek has been participating in national and European research projects. The Company has also joined some consortiums and industrial districts promoting collaboration activities between SMEs, Universities and Research Organizations.

After over 30-years of experience gained in innovation and research, Aitek registered as an innovative SMEs (PMI innovativa) in 2015 by meeting any requirements set out by italian law. PMI-Innovativa focuses on the importance and value to companies that are fully committed to the development of innovative technology.

Aitek has also contributed to the birth and development of some smaller companies, such as Aitek Consulting BV (The Netherlands), Nextage Srl (Italy) and Agora S.A. (Portugal), in order to spread its technology and solutions on national and foreign markets.

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Aitek is your ideal technology partner to meet together the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.