Efficient public transport reduces traffic and is environmentally-friendly. Promoting public transport implies advanced technology that ensures the highest levels of on-board security.

Aitek solutions integrate CCTV and Passenger Information for display-based infotainment and advertisement on board. This newly-designed tool helps you turn your investment in security into profit from ad. sales.

trasporti_videosAiVu-Mobile is an innovative solution for bus, taxi, rail and subway companies wishing to enhance travel quality and offer functionalities that go well beyond basic transportation.

Besides CCTV, AiVu-Mobile offers optional advanced services, such as infotainment via on-board displays and WIFI. All-in-one devices integrate digital video-recording, a router and GPS receiver. Footage from on-board video-cameras is forwarded to a remote control centre and security staff may then display live and recordings, view vehicle positioning, manage alarms and support on-board staff whenever required.


  • Remote access to HD live and recordings from on-board video-cameras
  • Integrates on-board GPS for vehicle tracking and geo-referencing of footage
  • Prevents theft, vandalism and assaults on passengers and staff
  • Is an effective insurance fraud-detection tool
  • Enhances public perception of travel security
  • Integrates third-party security and traffic management systems

DS_trasportoWould you like to invest in security in a manner that is also profit-making? AiVu-Mobile conjugates video-surveillance and Passenger Information.

This mobile solution manages the broadcasting of service information, timetables, routes, infotainment and news to on-board displays. Integrated into an on-board device, this powerful media-player enables remote programming and broadcasting of audio-video content playlists and news tickers You will be able to create bespoke dynamic communication and develop profitable business models through advertising sales.


  • Flexible and expandable solutions for video-communication on board of bus fleets
  • All-in-one, on-board device that integrates software for digital video-recording, a router and a player that broadcasts multi-media contents via on-board displays
  • Integrates Passenger Information applications for infotainment and advertising
  • User-friendly content manager for the creation of multi-media playlists broadcast via on-board displays
  • May generate profit from selling advertising slots through the on-board Passenger Information system

Case histories

ATM S.p.A. – Milan Public Transport

The “smart” turnstile to get in the subway: Aitek is a technical supporter for Atm Milano for the contactless card payment system in operation at the 113 subway stations in Milan.

case_history Italia-Flag United-Kingdom-flag

Copenhagen metro – Cityringen line

The new Cityringen line in Copenhagen’s underground features Aitek video technology that guarantees top-level security on-board trains, at stations and along tracks.

case_history Italia-Flag United-Kingdom-flag