Digital Signage

Does your business require an innovative, dynamic and eye-catching solution for its Digital Signage network? TVIP is the software platform that will revolutionize your communication strategies and take your customer care to a new level.

TVIP pro distributes multimedia content and interactive applications via any display format, touch screen, video-wall and digital totem located at highly-attended locations, such as stores, shopping malls, rail or air terminals and museums.

TVIP brings together user-friendly scheduling tools and powerful framework control for secure and reliable real-time broadcasting of info and content that can be constantly updated and disseminated according to location and timing.


TVIP is the Digital Signage platform that will turn your customer communication into interactive, engaging experience.

TVIP helps disseminate multimedia content and interactive applications best-suited for digital communication that relies on:

  • central servers hosting the front-end of the content management applications;
  • a central “director” application (CMS) managing and distributing audio, video and textual content;
  • a framework of remote IP-connected multimedia players;
  • a network of multi-format LCD/Plasma TVs, pro displays, video-walls, interactive totems and touch screens.
Digital Signage

Digital Signage strengths

Full management of extended and distributed Digital Signage networks

Makes for eye-catching, dynamic customer communication

User-friendly content manager for the creation of infotainment and advertising channels

Bespoke branding-focused layout

Constantly updated info and services

Broadcasts selected content that may be scheduled according to location and timing

Supports any display type

Supports mainstream multimedia content formats: audio/video clips, graphics, news feeds, websites, etc.

Supports touch-screen technology and interactive totems

Develops business models that generate profits from ad. sales

Digital Signage applications

Digital Signage for Railway Stations: a great opportunity!

In crowded areas such as stations, Digital Signage is crucial to distributing infotainment and advertisement that is both dynamic and eye-catching. TVIP disseminates multimedia content via displays positioned at highly attended locations. We guide passengers into the station and engage with them through high-impact communication. TVIP solutions manage extended and distributed networks of Digital Signage and help develop business models that generate profits directly from ad. sales. This is a winning opportunity for rail and subway companies!

Shopping that is at once interactive and appealing

Digital Signage is your best option for trendy engaging store layouts. Interactive totem and touch-screen technology supplies advanced functionalities that will enrich your customers’ in-store experience through proving information on stock availability, items, in-store location and special offers. Customer liaisons make for crucial business info that helps you identify target customers and their interests.

Integrated Digital Signage and CCTV on-board of busses

How about investing in security that is also profit-making? AiVu-Mobile integrate CCTV, Passenger Information and service info, routes, ads., news. etc. via displays installed on-board of public transport. A powerful media-player, integrated into the on-board device, allows for remote programming and broadcasting of audio-video content playlists and news tickers. Our solutions will help you craft bespoke dynamic communication that has the potential to generate profit through the sale of advertising slots.

Our Digital Signage products

Digital Signage


TVIP-Director is a web-application for the distribution of multimedia contents organised into playlists and channels that brings together easy-to-use planning tools and powerful framework control.

Digital Signage


TVIP-Player is a hw+sw appliance for on-screen content viewing, a complete “media player” for advanced applications of Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosk.


Case histories

Digital Signage

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Digital Signage

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Digital Signage

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