Port security implies a commitment to protecting goods, infrastructure and people by way of capillary video-monitoring, as well as full control of overall transits at terminal access gates.

The overall integration and modularity of Aitek’s port technology solutions makes for best customised solutions able to guarantee high standards of security, reliability and automation.

porto_videoAiVu addresses your port security requirements through HD video-surveillance of quay-sides, access gates, perimeter areas, buildings, warehouses, loading docks and parking lots.

The AiVu platform allows for the full management of video-surveillance systems of any size via IP, state-of-the-art video-cameras. AiVu can also be made to support pre-existing analogue video-cameras for investment-saving purposes. High-performance AiVu video-management software makes for 24/7 access to HD live and recordings, both CR- and hand-held-operated by security staff.


  • Design and implementation of bespoke video-security systems
  • Integrates and revamps pre-existing analogue CCTV
  • HD display of live and recordings on any type of screen
  • Setting of video-camera patrols for remote and off-site monitoring
  • Easy access to footage from mobile devices
  • User-friendly selection and download of recordings for event reconstruction
  • Integrates third-party supervisory systems including real-time data/footage forwarding

porto_vcaReal-time detection of potential threats is crucial to port-terminal security.

In order to achieve higher levels of security, AiVu video-surveillance systems integrate AiVu-Smart Modules video-analytics applications. This suite of software modules processes footage from video-cameras for real-time detection of such events as intrusions, accidents, unattended items and spilled loads. The system can also be programmed to perform person and vehicle tracking within cargo and parking areas, along waterfronts and within critical buildings and warehouses.


  • Integrates Aitek video-analytics modules for real-time detection of treats
  • Real-time detection of intrusions, unattended items, theft, spilled loads and/or person- and vehicle-tracking inside port areas
  • Increased security of quay-side, waterfront, warehouse and perimeter areas
  • Automatic forwarding of alarms and relevant recordings to the control centre and to hand-held devices of security staff
  • Reduced turn-around response times

porto_gateNowadays, a number of vehicle transit entrance/exit procedures to the terminal area still require operator management and handling, thus affecting both time and accuracy of inspections.

Sesamo platform developed by Aitek offers a wide range of functionalities for the automatic management of road/rail access gates, offering bespoke solutions that can be specifically tailored to the operational needs and physical constraints of your gates. Sesamo uses well-proven, state-of-the-video-technology for the remote management of transit procedures, automatic plate acquisition and code identification, and high accuracy inspections and measurement operations.


  • Full automation of transit control procedures at access gates
  • Highly modular platform tailored to specific operational needs
  • Manages sensors, actuators and interfaces for automated lane control procedures
  • Acquisition and recording of HD footage per single transit
  • Full integration with TOS (Terminal Operating System)
  • Remote/unmanned control of transit procedures
  • Minimum operational requirements with high performance standards (>95% accuracy)

Case histories

Ligurian Ports System

Aitek has developed innovative technological solutions for the management of operational areas, protection of assets, and provision of security to passengers in the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado.

case_history Italia-Flag United-Kingdom-flag

Port of Savona-Vado Ligure (Italy)

Aitek’s solution guarantees the safety and security of 2,000+ vessels and 1M+ passengers yearly by monitoring harbour operations and safeguarding goods handling.

case_history  Italia-Flag  United-Kingdom-flag


PSA Container Terminal – Port of Genoa

PSA SECH, one of the biggest Container Terminals of the Port of Genoa, has entrusted Aitek with the development of a system for the complete management of the transits of vehicles and containers at the exit gate of the terminal.

case_history Italia-Flag United-Kingdom-flag


Costa Cruise Terminal – Port of Savona

Video surveillance, digital signage, video analytics for social distancing: Costa Crociere has equipped its cruise terminal in Savona with the best of Aitek’s technologies for safety and communication with customers.

case_history Italia-Flag United-Kingdom-flag