Automation of entry and exit gates for ports and dry ports terminals

controllo varchi

Sesamo-Gate is the complete solution for managing all people, vehicle and container control procedures for any pedestrian, roadway or train entry gate.

In maritime transportation, the presence ever-larger ships (mega-ships) makes the automation of port activities a necessity, including the transits at entry and exit gates. Currently many control and inspection procedures require the presence of personnel at the gate, which negatively affects the efficiency of such procedures (extended time duration, not always reliable inspections).

Sesamo-Gate is the ideal solution for the remote, automated control of gates and it is already employed by important operators in Italy’s larger ports and freight terminals. It does not require the presence of personnel at the gate, therefore greatly improving safety and the accuracy of acquired data and considerably reducing the time required for vehicle inspection and transit procedures.

controllo varchi


  • Manages sensors, actuators and interfaces for automated lane control procedures
  • Functionalities: vehicle plate acquisition (tractor units and trailers), reading of container, swap body and semi-trailer codes (ISO6346, ILU), reading of railway wagon numbers (UIC), reading of ADR codes, volumetric measurement of vehicles
  • Acquisition and recording of HD footage per single transit
  • The system can be completely integrated with third-party supervisory systems and TOS (Terminal Operating System) systems and provides the acquired data and images in real time
  • Remote/unmanned control of transit procedures
  • Simplification of control procedures, tracking/tracing and customs management
  • The software modules can be completely integrated for the development of applications which meet specific terminal operator requirements
  • Installation is possible even in scenarios with critical infrastructure constraints, in terms of both geometry and available space
  • High performance standards (measurement reliability > 95%) are achieved with minimal operating requirements

Roadway gate infrastructure

The technological infrastructure is composed of sensors, actuators and interfaces allowing the automation of the control processes performed in the gate lanes. The technological component must be integrated in an appropriate road infrastructure for channeling traffic, protecting the machinery from the effects of weather and allowing the transit of authorized vehicles.

Railway gate infrastructure

All technological components of the railway gate are installed on a single gate. In railway scenarios the infrastructure constraints depend on the availability of an appropriate site for the installation on a railway stretch where trains travel at low speed.

User interface

The user interface is the frontend application allowing the complete control of the Sesamo-Gate system.

Access to the application is given by using an Internet browser and allows to view the stored transits. For each transit the following information is available:

  • Date / time of the transit
  • Lane
  • Codes and plates recognized by the OCR subsystem
  • Reliability percentage of the OCR detection
  • HD recordings of the transit

Gate automation for logistics

Sesamo-Gate is composed of several software modules entirely developed by Aitek which allow to efficiently and securely manage the entire transit procedure. Its great modularity allows to design solutions which can be customized based on the Customer’s requirements and adapted to different operating scenarios.


Basic software for the implementation of applications for the management of a roadway or railway lane. It sets the operating status of the single lane, detects vehicles being processed and it enables their transit.


Module for managing user interaction through self-service terminals in roadway scenarios. It allows communicating with the vehicle driver, examining identification and transit documentation, printing transit certifications, etc.


Recognition of vehicle licence plates using OCR technology. It is employed only in roadway gate installations and it provides the automatic recognition of front and rear plates, including trailers, of vehicles in transit.


HD-color image acquisition of the visible container surfaces and automatic recognition of ISO 6346 and ILU codes for semi-trailers and swap bodies using OCR technology.


HD-color image acquisition of the visible surfaces of containers transiting through the entry gate, to detect the presence of structural damages of the container. This module does not provide any feature for automatic damage recognition.


Acquisition of the transiting vehicle outline through laser scanner. This module detects the motion of the vehicle by determining the instantaneous speed for the duration of the transit and provides volumetric and kinematic data.


High-definition color image acquisition of the right and left sides of train wagons and automatic recognition UIC codes using OCR technology.


Acquisition of the HD images for the identification of the lock seals affixed on the containers transiting through the gate and verification of their integrity. This module does not provide any feature for automatic seals control.


Module serving as an interface with a server for the real-time transmission and storage of all transit data and technical and management events regarding all field devices.

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