Automation of entry and exit gates for ports and dry ports terminals

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Sesamo-Gate is the complete solution for managing all people, vehicle and container control procedures for any pedestrian, roadway or train entry gate.

A next-generation port or logistics hub is characterized by the high level of automation of all main activities: among these, automated control of transit procedures for vehicles, goods and people is crucial to determine the competitiveness of a port, an inland port or a logistics terminal.

In order to maintain high standards of efficiency and competitiveness, the management of the huge flow of data and information originated throughout the logistics chain is one of the most important challenge for ports.

Software applications that implement Terminal Operating Systems and Port Community Systems have been common-use tools for terminal operators, customs operators and port authorities for years and are an essential support to ensure the operation of a port.

Integrating these data sources with information about inbound / outbound vehicles and goods means making freight forwarding and Gate IN/OUT activities easier and faster. The integration with these IT systems is one of the strengths of Sesamo-Gate, the Aitek’s platform for the automated management of vehicle, freight and people transits at road, rail and pedestrian access gates.


  • Management of sensors and devices for automated lane control procedures
  • Automatic identification of vehicles in transit (vehicle plate recognition, UIC railway wagon codes
  • Recognition of ISO 6346 container codes
  • Recognition of ILU (Intermodal Loading Units) codes
  • HD recordings of transits
  • Vehicle profile detection and volumetric measurement
  • Container seals integrity check
  • Recognition of Kemler-ONU codes (identification of dangerous goods)
  • Management of self-service interactive kiosks at road lanes
  • Integration with data acquisition systems from OBU devices (optional)
  • Integration with video surveillance and video analytics systems (optional)

Gate automation platform

Sesamo-Gate offers a wide range of features to create solutions that can be customized according to any operational need and adaptable to the physical infrastructure of the gates. Sesamo-Gate allows port operators to remotely manage transit procedures, automatically acquire license plates and identification codes, and employ video technologies to carry out inspections and measurements with the utmost accuracy.

Sesamo-Gate solutions integrate software modules, each one coping with a specific task in transit management process, in order to create customized solutions that meet specific needs.

The very high level of integration between different IT applications, combined with the complete automation of transit procedures at access gates and the maximum customization of solutions, makes Aitek’s Sesamo-Gate platform the most used in the Italian port and logistics panorama.


  • Complete integration with Terminal Operating Systems and provides the acquired data and images in real time
  • Remote control of transit procedures, removing the necessity of having personnel at the gate
  • Simplification of control procedures, tracking/tracing and customs management
  • High modularity, allowing to implement applications which meet specific terminal operator requirements
  • Minimal operating requirements, high performance standards

Roadway gate infrastructure

The technological infrastructure is composed of sensors, actuators and interfaces allowing the automation of the control processes performed in the gate lanes. The technological component must be integrated in an appropriate road infrastructure for channeling traffic, protecting the machinery from the effects of weather and allowing the transit of authorized vehicles.

Railway gate infrastructure

All technological components of the railway gate are installed on a single gate. In railway scenarios the infrastructure constraints depend on the availability of an appropriate site for the installation on a railway stretch where trains travel at low speed.


Sesamo-GOS is the brains of all Sesamo-Gate solutions for automated management of in/out gates. Specially developed to manage and guide gate automation processes, Sesamo-GOS provides all the necessary tools to implement the procedures for the real-time recognition and transit authorization of vehicles, people and goods, in full compliance with the customer’s operational and safety processes.

Sesamo-GOS integrates information from different sources and makes it available for displaying on a single web interface. In the port scenarios, Sesamo-GOS is a software module designed to dialogue with all subjects operating within a seaport. Thanks to the complete integration with PCS (Port Community Systems), TOS (Terminal Operating System) or other applications used by Customs, Sesamo-GOS verifies in real time the validity of the information acquired at the gate, enabling the vehicle (and/or the person) to transit, or activating exception-handling procedures.

The transit data acquired through the field devices are automatically compared with the information available to the Port Authority (for personal identification), the terminal operator (for the control of the vehicle and goods) and Customs (for the control of the documentation attached to the shipment).

The high flexibility and adaptability of the Sesamo software allows the creation of solutions able to interface with any type of third-party application, whether they are market products (even customized for specific needs) or applications internally developed by the Customer.

User interface

The frontend interface allows operators to have complete control of the Sesamo-Gate system. Only authorized users can access the application, using a common Internet browser and entering their login and password. The Sesamo-Gate interface is an agile and powerful tool, accessible to all players in the logistics process, with different levels of access to the system’s features.

Gate automation for logistics

Sesamo-Gate is composed of several software modules entirely developed by Aitek which allow to efficiently and securely manage the entire transit procedure. Its great modularity allows to design solutions which can be customized based on the Customer’s requirements and adapted to different operating scenarios.


Basic software for the implementation of applications for the management of a roadway or railway lane. This subsystem is available in all Sesamo-Gate implementations and it is aimed at managing the basic lane automation according to control procedures.


Subsystem for the detection and recognition of the licence plates of tractor units and trailers. This module is employed only in roadway gate installations and it provides the automatic recognition of front and rear plates of vehicles in transit.


Module for the acquisition, detection and recognition of Kemler-ONU codes that identifies dangerous goods (in roadway scenario).


Module for the acquisition, detection and recognition of ISO 6346 container codes in roadway and railway scenarios.


Module for the acquisition, detection and recognition of ILU codes of semi-trailers and swap bodies in roadway and railway scenarios.


This subsystem is designed for the estimation of the volume and shape of vehicles. It acquires information on the size of processed vehicles using a single-gantry configuration, i.e. a single gate hosting all the devices required for the measurements.


Subsystem for the video recording of vehicle transits for container damage examination. Sesamo-REC provides the acquisition of video streams of the visible surfaces of containers proceeding through the gate for subsequent checks for possible damage to the containers. This module does not provide any feature for automatic damage control.


Acquisition of the HD images for the identification of the lock seals affixed on the containers transiting through the gate and verification of their integrity. This module does not provide any feature for automatic seal control.


Module for managing user interaction through self-service terminals in roadway scenarios. It allows communicating with the vehicle driver, examining identification and transit documentation, printing transit certifications, etc.


Module for the acquisition, detection and recognition of the UIC codes of the wagons entering or exiting a railway gate.

Sesamo-UVI (Under Vehicle Inspection)

Module for video inspection of the lower surface of wagons in transit at a railway gate, as well as for remote inspection of the load by panoramic views. Sesamo-UVI can also be installed at roadway gates.

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