The “smart” turnstile for accessing the subway using the smartphone

controllo accessi

Aitek has developed Sesamo-Ticket, an innovative solution for automated access control and the real-time check of ticket validity allowing passengers to access tracks using the smartphone.

Aitek develops the software managing all phases of the access control process: from the integration with automated fare collection systems and mobile ticketing systems, to the development of the management center platform for checking and validating tickets.

It is an innovative solution already deployed in some of Italy’s larger urban transportation networks to increase the efficiency of ticket validation procedures and reduce queues at the access turnstiles in railway and subway stations.

controllo accessi


  • Manages any number of turnstiles at rail or subway stations
  • Operating system on both entry and exit turnstiles in each station
  • QR-code reader integrated in the turnstile
  • Real-time validity check of tickets shown by users and automatic turnstile opening
  • Led-signalling at turnstiles in case of non-valid ticket
  • Integrates existing mobile ticketing
  • Strenghts: effective against fare evasion, cuts in the cost of ticket checking personnel, increased security and access control

Access control and e-ticketing: how does it work?

An easy, fast and secure tool, completely integrated with any automated fare collection system and mobile ticketing system, which smartphone users may use to buy tickets using an app or sending an SMS to a dedicated number.

When using the transportation company’s mobile ticketing service, users receive a QR code with which they may access the turnstiles. All it takes to access the subway is to put the QR code on the smartphone display near the reader on the turnstile: all validation procedures are managed by Sesamo-Ticket, which reads the code, checks whether the ticket is in compliance with the rates in effect in the station in which the ticket is used and contacts the central server to request authorization to open the turnstile. All in real time!

To guarantee ticket validation, the phone display must be intact: if it is damaged, the user must print the QR code at an automatic ticket machine, entering the PNR code received after buying the ticket. Furthermore, turnstiles are equipped with led devices which warn the user in case the ticket is not valid: after a second failed attempt, a warning is shown on the turnstile display informing the user that the shown code is not valid.

Watch the Sesamo-Ticket demo!