In health care, ensuring high standards of security and providing added value information and services are crucial.

Aitek healthcare solutions enable care providers to achieve such ambitious objectives through supplying advanced technological support that is able to create the best possible care environment.

sanita_videoBest protection of hospitals is a must if quality care is to be provided and patient perception of security is to be increased.

Using reliable technology is conducive to guaranteeing full control of indoor/outdoor areas, while still meeting privacy standards. AiVu supplies state-of-the-art video-security that meets health care requirements inside large and small facilities. CCTV deploys HD video-monitoring of such critical areas as waiting rooms, A&E, out-patients’ clinics, wards, offices, and parking lots.


  • HD video monitoring of such critical areas as waiting rooms, A&E, out-patients’ clinics, wards, offices and parking lots
  • Increased protection and perception of security by patients, visitors and staff
  • Setting video-camera patrols for remote monitoring by off-site personnel
  • User-friendly selection and download of recordings for event reconstruction
  • Encryption of footage for security and privacy purposes
  • Access to footage from the control centre and security staff mobile devices

sanita_vcaControlling events in and outside of a hospital is not enough and real-time detection of danger is conducive to timely interventions.

AiVu-Smart Modules is Aitek’s video analytics platform allows users to identify security breaches, such as un-authorized access to restricted areas, intrusions, unattended/removed items, vandalism and over-crowding as they occur. Unexpected events picked up on camera are promptly notified to the control centre, where security staff have ready access to relevant recordings and may intervene promptly as necessary.


  • Integrated CCTV+video analytics solutions customized to specific security needs
  • Real-time detection of un-authorized accesses to restricted areas, intrusions, trespassing, unattended/removed items, vandalism and loitering
  • Automatic forwarding of alarms and relevant recordings to the control centre and to hand-held devices of security staff
  • Setting of video-camera patrols for 24/7 remote monitoring of in-door, service and perimeter areas by off-site personnel
  • Reduced turn-around response times following emergencies

sanita_DSDigital Signage technology is ideal when delivering service information and promotional multimedia contents within health care settings.

Our TVIP platform allows for the set-up and management of network video communication through broadcasting multimedia contents via displays, touch screens and interactive totems located in reception and waiting areas, booking centres offices, A&E, etc. This technology allows for such options as the broadcasting of service information, TV, ticker news, interactive maps of the facility and the integration of Digital Signage, waiting-lists and profit-making advertising.


  • Creating and managing networks of video-communication in reception and waiting areas, booking centres and A&E
  • Management of any type of display, touch screen and interactive totem for customer service and infotainment
  • Multimedia content manager (audio/video/text)
  • Real-time broadcasting of service information, TV, video clips, ticker news, web sites, interactive maps and advertisement
  • Broadcasts bespoke contents targeted according to time and positioning of in-facility displays
  • Integrates waiting list management systems at A&E, out-patients’ clinics, booking centres, etc.