Aitek offers a wealth of solutions meant for such critical infrastructure as industrial production facilities and power-generation plants.

If you need to guarantee top-level security, control gate transits or automate production processes, then Aitek solutions will help you protect goods and infrastructure while still enhancing the efficiency and productivity of plants and facilities.

industria_videoTheft of raw materials and goods, accidents, sabotage and other events that may cause production line stops and endanger security require swift identification.

Entrust your infrastructure to Aitek’s video security solutions! Our wide range of functionalities ensure full control of any production site, even the largest, most dangerous or most difficult to access. Besides guaranteeing high standards of security, Aitek solutions assist with remote monitoring of production lines and processes. Operators will be able to swiftly detect critical events, provide remote assistance during maintenance and identify accidents.


  • Design and development of bespoke video-security systems
  • Integrates and revamps pre-existing analogue CCTV
  • Increased protection of production sites, raw materials/goods warehouses and perimeters
  • Reduced turn-around response times following emergencies
  • Easy access to HD-quality footage from mobile by security staff
  • User-friendly access and download of recordings

industria_vcaAiVu-Smart Modules is best-suited for the full control of extended/remote production sites. Our solution supplies real-time detection of threats to plant security and efficiency.

Our solution supplies real-time detection of threats to plant security and efficiency. This suite of software modules processes footage acquired from video-cameras to detect intrusions at access gates, along perimeters and at critical sites. Besides other functionalities, Aitek Modules track people/vehicles in working areas and function as smoke-detectors both in and out of doors. Alarms are forwarded real-time to security-staff mobile devices, thus reducing turn-around response times following emergencies.


  • Bespoke video-analytics that help manage multiple video-camera network systems
  • Integrates Aitek video-analytics modules for real-time detection of threats to plant security
  • Real-time detection of intrusions, unattended items, theft, and person/vehicle tracking in working areas
  • Automatic forwarding of alarms and relevant recordings to the control centre and to security staff hand-held devices
  • Reduced turn-around response times following emergencies

strade_gateA production site is not 100% protected without an access control system covering vehicles, goods and people.

Sesamo-Gate is a bespoke gate automation solution allowing for full control of transit procedures through automatic gate control of bars, turnstiles, badge/QR code readers, video-cameras and scanners. This solution helps you with the real-time acquisition of information on plate numbers, ID codes for goods-in-transit and the identification of people entering/exiting a production site.


  • Fully automated gate transit control procedures
  • Manages sensors/bars for the automation of control processes carried out within gate lanes
  • Acquisition and recording of HD footage per single transit
  • Automatic reading of plates, ID container codes, swap-body codes, ADR codes and badges
  • Remote/unmanned control of transit procedures
  • Embeds into infrastructure with critical space constraints

industria_processiFully automated production processes within an industrial plant are key to improving efficiency and saving money.

Upview is a fully-customizable, modular platform able to increase productivity through automated control of such events as plant start-up/shut-down, counting/tallying, measuring, real-time data acquisition, diagnostics and the detection of anomalies.


  • Data acquisition and clustering from any source
  • Off-site plant and failure management
  • Increased productivity and cost-containment
  • Reduces human intervention in production processes and measurement/data acquisition
  • Real-time diagnostics and detection of anomalies supporting maintenance
  • Integrates existing third-party IT platforms (e.g. SCADA, ERP, etc)
  • Bespoke dashboard and operator interface for full plant control and the application of business logics

Case histories

Bertoli Safau Steel Plant

The ABS plant in Pozzuolo del Friuli is the first Italian steel plant equipped with the innovative Aitek’s system for the automated inspection of railway wagons loaded with scrap iron entering the plant.

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