Aitek offers a wide range of customisable rail transportation solutions that include video-surveillance, smart video-analytics, automated turnstile access control, ticket validation systems and digital signage for advertising and infotainment at highly attended locations.

Efficient video-monitoring is a crucial tool against theft, petty offences, vandalism and accidents.

AiVu solutions provide security staff with full control over the entire network. Such crucial locations as tracks, tunnels, platforms, entries/exits, waiting areas, ticket offices, underpasses, parking lots, depots, workshops and electrical substations can be closely monitored via HD live and recordings. AiVu adapts to all types of operational context, works with different technologies and integrates rail traffic management systems.


  • 24/7 monitoring of complex and extended rail networks
  • HD display of live and recordings on any type of screen
  • IP video-cameras and S-profile ONVIF 2.0-certified video-servers by leading vendors
  • Footage can be stored on any type of device
  • HD display of live and recordings on any type of screen
  • Web interface available from remote workstations and mobile devices
  • Footage encryption for security and privacy purposes

ferrovie2Aitek develop video-analytics for real-time detection of potential threats posed to traffic, infrastructure and passengers.

Our software modules make for highly customised, user-friendly solutions able to operate full-network security systems. Besides others, Aitek video-analytics focuses on detecting such events as crossing the yellow line, loitering, over-crowding, vandalism, suspicious/unattended items, trespassing into restricted areas, rail tracks or tunnels.


  • Video-analytics that supports operators with the management of large multiple video-camera systems
  • Real-time detection of critical events, i.e. obstacles, trespassing, crossing the yellow line, intrusions and overcrowding
  • Reduced turn-around response times following emergencies
  • Supports the control centre and emergency intervention teams
  • Integrates rail traffic management systems
  • Prevents theft and vandalism at stations and inside warehouses

tornelliSmart applications for automatic turnstiles control and ticket validation at rail/subway stations.

Aitek have developed an innovative and efficient smartphone-based solution for automated access control and real-time ticket inspection. We design software that deals with overall access procedures, ranging from integrating electronic and mobile-ticketing systems to turnstile and QR-code reader management, to developing a centre platform able to inspect and validate tickets.


  • Manages any number of turnstiles at rail or subway stations
  • Real-time ticket inspection and automatic turnstile management
  • Led-signalling at turnstiles in case of non-valid ticket
  • Integrates existing mobile ticketing
  • Effective countering of fare-dodging, cost-effective ticket inspection procedures and increased security of accesses

DS_metroAitek’s pro Digital Signage solutions for the broadcasting of multi-media contents to HD display networks.

In crowded areas such as stations, Digital Signage is crucial to distributing dynamic infotainment and advertisement that impacts and engages. TVIP disseminates multi-media content via displays positioned in high-frequency attendance areas, thus leading passengers into a station and engaging their attention through dynamic, high-impact communication. TVIP helps you manage Digital Signage networks that are geographically extended and count a large number of contacts. TVIP-based solutions develop business models that generate profit through adv sales.


  • Full management of extended and distributed Digital Signage networks
  • Dynamic and engaging communication that grabs passengers’ interest
  • User-friendly content manager for the creation of infotainment and advertising channels
  • Real-time upgrade of service and infotainment
  • Broadcasts selected content that may be scheduled according to location and timing
  • Support of any type of display
  • Supports touch-screen technology and interactive totems
  • Develops business models that generate profits from ad. sales

Case histories

Hitachi Rail STS – Italian Railways

Copenhagen Metro – Cityringen line

ATM Milan – Public Transport Company