Protecting and promoting cultural heritage to the fullest is a major task for managers of museums, historical building, archaeological and monumental sites.

Our know-how serves culture with CCTV and Digital Signage solutions that offer museum visitors engaging, interactive experiences within a safe environment.

video_museiMuseums and monuments are sensitive sites requiring high standards of security for exhibits, visitors and staff.

AiVu video-surveillance platform makes for full control of exhibition areas of any size, both in and out of doors. Ready access to HD live and recordings, even from mobile, Pan-Tilt-Zoom controls and 360-degree rotation allow top security levels.


  • HD video surveillance of exhibition halls, monuments, buildings, entrances and perimeter areas, etc.
  • Setting of video-camera patrols for remote monitoring at any time
  • User-friendly selection and download of recordings for event reconstruction
  • Ready access to live and recordings from remote control centres or hand-held security-staff devices
  • Integrates pre-existing access control, fire fighting and sensor-based detection systems
  • Integrates and revamps pre-existing analogue CCTV

musei_vcaAitek video analytics stands for “smart” real-time detection of theft and intrusion on exhibition floor areas.

AiVu-Smart Modules reach a lot farther than CCTV! Our software modules pick up on potentially dangerous situations that may jeopardize exhibits and overall museum security. Our video-analytics are specifically made to promptly pick up on intrusion, people tracking, over-crowding or un-attended/removed items. Alarms are automatically notified to the control centre and to security staff for action.


  • Bespoke video-analytics that help manage multiple video-camera network systems
  • Real-time detection of intrusion, access to restricted areas, over-crowding, un-attended/removed items and people tracking
  • Anti-tampering software that detects movement and sabotage
  • Automatic forwarding of alarms and relevant recordings to the control centre and to hand-held devices of security staff
  • Heat-mapping inside exhibition areas that helps to identify popular halls/exhibits

musei_DSTVIP helps create and manage video-communication networks meant for the dissemination of culture and museum exhibitions.

Displays, touch screens and interactive totems improve museum experience through promoting heritage and events. TVIP helps design customized graphics projects and broadcast multimedia contents via display. Visitors may then leaf through virtual catalogues, view clips and consult interactive maps. Our Digital Signage solutions then become “virtual” guides able to turn museum tours into unique sensory experience.


  • Set up and manage video-communication networks meant for the dissemination of culture and the promotion of exhibitions
  • Supports any display, touch screen and digital totem
  • User-friendly entering of multimedia contents and forwarding of same to displays
  • Content manager and editing tools for tailor-made layouts
  • Event scheduling including automatic updates
  • Overall remote control and management of displays/totems
  • Broadcasts playlist according to display location
  • “Virtual guide” that supports visitors within the museum