Reliability, integration and customisation are key to all our solutions: reliability draws on state-of-the-art technology, integration works with third-party IT applications, customization makes for meeting bespoke user needs. Here’s why Aitek solutions work for a wide variety of market segments.


Sea and inland ports

Sea and inland ports protection is as much about goods and infrastructure as about people and terminal gate accesses. Aitek are committed to providing Customers with HD video-monitoring, cutting-edge video-analytics and automated rail/road gate management for any operational need.


Road traffic

Aitek bring together state-of-the-art data acquisition, image processing technology and ITS-specific know-how to provide advanced tolling, traffic monitoring and transit management solutions. Traffic monitoring, transit management and tolling are among our long-standing strengths. Here’s why major road network operators choose our solutions.


Rail and subways

Aitek offer a wide range of customisable rail transportation solutions that include video-surveillance, smart video-analytics, automated turnstile access control, ticket validation systems and digital signage for advertising and infotainment at highly attended locations.


Public transport

Promoting public transport implies advanced technology able to ensure the highest levels of on-board security. Aitek solutions integrate CCTV and Passenger Information for display-based infotainment and advertisement on board of busses and trains.



In the retail world, where competition is fiercest, customer satisfaction is key to business growth. Aitek design supermarket, shopping-centre and in-store solutions that meet all your security, communication and customer liaison needs. By improving your retail processes, we help you deliver shopping experience that meets consumer wishes.


City surveillance

Protecting people, safeguarding the environment and taking care of public property. Ensuring urban areas are safe and secure is becoming more and more of a challenge. Aitek provide Public Administration Bodies and Police Forces with a wide range of solutions for 24/7 access to footage from surveillance cameras in public buildings, town squares, roads and parks.


Industrial sites

Aitek offer a wealth of options meant for such critical infrastructure as industrial production facilities and power plants. Whenever you need to guarantee high levels of safety and security, regulate gate transits or automate production processes, Aitek solutions are not just there to help you protect goods and infrastructure, but also to increase the efficiency and productivity of your plants and facilities.



Excellence in health care demands high standards of safety and security while still guaranteeing easy access to information by patients, staff and visitors. Aitek solutions support healthcare providers with technology that is key to creating the best possible patient-centred environment.



Safeguarding and promoting cultural heritage are key priorities for managers of museums, historical buildings, archaeological sites and monuments. Our know-how helps serve culture through supplying customers with CCTV and Digital Signage solutions able to offer museum visitors experience that is both interactive and appealing.


Aitek is your ideal technology partner to meet together the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.