The complete solution for managing vehicle accesses and highway toll collection procedures

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By integrating several software modules of the Sesamo platform, each managing a specific feature, it is possible to design solutions capable of managing the entire vehicle transit procedure at entry and exit gates in a highway toll collection infrastructure.

Thanks to the expertise acquired in over 30 years of designing and developing software toll collection solutions for leading highway concessionaires, Sesamo-Toll is a reliable and extensively-tested solution capable of managing all subsystems composing a highway gate: deterrent devices (barriers, traffic lights, etc.), vehicle detection and classification devices (induction loops, optical barriers, etc.) and user interaction devices (automatic ticket dispensers, intercom columns, displays).

The Sesamo-Toll software modules are capable of handling the entire transit procedure by managing all types of highway gates: manual, automatic (prepaid cards), dynamic (electronic toll collection) or mixed. Sesamo-Toll is completely compliant with highway concessionaire toll collection systems and therefore it is capable of managing all types of collection: cash, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, electronic toll collection.


  • Management of the entire transit procedure at entry and exit highway gates
  • Classification of vehicles in transit in size classes
  • Issue of entry tickets using automatic dispensers on self-service columns
  • Reading of entry tickets and travel documents using readers on self-service columns
  • Access control by opening and closing deterrent devices
  • Complete compliance with proprietary concessionaire toll collection systems
  • Remote connection with interconnected concessionaires to meet reciprocal obligations with other highway companies
  • Management of all types of toll collection employed by concessionaires
  • Storage of transit data on a centralized Database
  • Continuous software evolution to guarantee constant compliance with performance standards required by European and national laws


The software modules

Sesamo-Toll is composed of several software modules entirely developed by Aitek which allow to efficiently and securely manage the entire toll collection procedure. Its great modularity allows to design solutions which can be customized based on the Customer’s requirements and adapted to different operating scenarios.

The following are the Sesamo platform software modules required to completely control the typical features of entry and exit highway gates:


Basic module for the implementation of applications for the management of both entry and exit lanes. Its task is to set in the application the operating status of the single lane, to detect vehicles and enable their transit.


It manages field devices for the classification of vehicles in size classes (inductive loops, optical barriers) and deterrent devices (barriers and traffic lights).


Module for managing credit card readers for automatic toll collection.


Module serving as an interface for electronic toll collection devices. It manages the entire toll collection procedure by handling the communications with on-board devices, gate infrastructures and concessionaire’s information systems.


Module serving as an interface with a server for the real-time transmission and storage of all transit data and technical and management events regarding all field devices.

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