An integrated and customised Video Analytics solution for the real-time events detection

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules is a modular Video Analytics solution developed by Aitek to process live and recorded image coming from video-surveillance cameras.

Whether transportation infrastructures, urban areas, points of sales, industrial sites or other are involved, security personnel require reliable solutions capable of detecting any threat in real time. This is why video analytics have become an essential tool for guaranteeing immediate responses in case of events representing possible dangers to people, goods and infrastructures.

The AiVu-Smart Modules suite integrates existing CCTV systems by using Video Analytics techniques for real-time detection of a variety of different events focusing on people, vehicles and static objects. Our software modules are also designed to perform post-event analyses of recorded footage and acquire statistical data.

Image processing algorithm-based detection is highly reliable and accurate. Alerts for user-configured events are generated automatically and any redundant or false alarms are automatically filtered out.

Dedicated software modules perform automatic counting and classifying operations for statistical analysis and help users evaluate operational performance, i.e. plant productivity, road traffic, in-store customer flows or access-gate counting.

Video Analytics
Video Analytics


  • Customised Video Analytics algorithms
  • Easily expandable with new functionalities
  • User-friendly web-based configuration interface that does not require specific know-how
  • In case of variations in video camera positioning, full functionality may be restored simply by re-defining the virtual sensors
  • Real-time detection of critical situations and support with decision-making aimed at pro-active problem-solving
  • Reducing accident or emergency response times
  • Control centre and emergency squad support
  • Automatic forwarding of alarms and relevant recordings to the control centre and to hand-held devices
  • Common rule-configuration procedures for easy setting of rules by enabled, non-expert users
  • Default values and/or advised interval ranges for each parameter

Easy and quick video analytics configuration

Virtual sensors (“rules”) can be configured on the acquired images, or portions of the images, by using a web-based configuration interface supported by the commonest browsers and therefore easily accessible by workstations with different operating systems.

The interface’s ease of use allows to quickly change the number and type of sensors. The number and type of sensors can be quickly changed, allowing several rules to be configured on each single video camera to simultaneously detect different types of events without interfering with each other.

Furthermore, default values and/or suggested ranges are available for all parameters and thresholds, allowing even video processing novices to perform analytics configuration with no need for complex measurements or evaluations.

Video Analytics

Post-event analytics on recordings

The video analytics software modules can also be applied to recordings, allowing to quickly and automatically reconstruct events of interest, without having to examine hours of recordings. Events can be quickly detected just by drawing the virtual sensors on the images: post-event analytics are performed at the highest possible speed, allowing to process hours of recordings in a few minutes!

Real-time alarm notification

All notifications generated by sensors, with the corresponding images, can be automatically sent to a control center provided with Aitek’s AiVu-VMS video management portal or to third-party supervisory systems, using the AiVu format or Onvif specifications. The control center automatically receives alarm notifications from video cameras any time unpredicted events occur, allowing the security personnel to view the recordings associated with the event and trigger the appropriate response procedures.

Deep learning: the evolution of video analytics

Aitek’s video analytics have evolved using deep learning, the artificial intelligence technology for implementing algorithms capable of learning from experience by analyzing data extracted from processed images. Deep learning is based on training highly-sophisticated neural networks to achieve extremely high reliability in processing images and video streams.

Deep learning provides numerous advantages. Using neural networks provides robustness to rapid variations in the monitored scene such as changes in weather, lighting or video camera orientation, all of which may easily interfere with earlier video analytics systems. Furthermore, algorithms can process in real time every single image with no need to employ a reference model of the scene and can detect with extreme reliability even partially overlapping or occluded objects or objects which have long been abandoned.

This is why neural networks can be trained to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as object detection based on object type or shape (vehicles, pedestrians, animals as well as everyday objects such as shopping carts, luggage, etc.), face detection and recognition, object state detection (open/closed door, raised/lowered barrier, standing/lying person, etc.), smoke fire detection, and much more.

Video Analytics
Video Analytics

The AiVu-Smart Modules suite

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Calibration

Size classification of vehicles

By evaluating the perspective distortion, it allows to classify objects in the processing area and to distinguish them based on their size. Ideal for classifying light/heavy vehicles in transit.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Count

Object counting

Counts objects transiting through a sensor-defined area. This module is best suited for counting transit flows along a selected lane or through a selected access-gate.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Counterflow

Counterflow of objects

It detects objects/people moving in the opposite direction compared to all other objects/people in the scene, even in crowd.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Cover

Camera covering

Detects camera obscuration incidents that prevent video-analytics (caused by vandalism, dirty lenses, obstructions, etc.)

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Crowd

Overcrowding detection

It allows to detect an excessive number of people in the monitored area. Ideal for monitoring squares, public spaces, railway platforms and stations, access gates, etc.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Danger

Detection of dangerous situations

This module detects the presence of people, vehicles and objects in a sensitive area. It is ideal for monitoring operational areas, warehouses and depots and for detecting potentially dangerous situations in railway scenarios such as objects on the rails, yellow line crossing, etc.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Direction

Detection of the direction of movement

It detects objects moving along a reference direction, defined during module configuration. An alarm notification is generated any time an object crosses the monitored area moving along the configured direction. Ideal for detecting wrong-way vehicles or people crossing unidirectional gates in not allowed ways.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Heatmap

Detection of area occupation

It provides a graphical representation, using pseudo colors, of areas most frequently occupied by objects in the monitored scene. Ideal for the analysis of vehicle flows along roadways or for point of sale in-store analytics.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Interdistance

Interdistance measurement

Automatic estimation of the safety distance between vehicles (in metres). This modules allows to acquire data about traffic conditions along a road infrastructure (real-time measurement of the safety distance between two vehicles, minimum and maximum distance values detected by the virtual sensor and average calculation).

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Intrusion

Intrusion detection

This module detects unauthorized people in a monitored area. It is ideal for perimeter protection and detecting trespassing over gates and fences in industrial sites, port terminals, warehouses and depots, military sites, etc.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Position

Detecting objects in non-entry areas

An alarm signal is generated each time a person or vehicle transits through a monitored area. This module is best suited to the surveillance of non-entry or restricted areas, such as parking-lots, worksites, depots, warehouses, industrial sites, etc.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Queue

Detection of vehicle queues

An alarm notification is generated when the monitored area (a road lane) is occupied by vehicles over a set threshold percentage. Ideal for monitoring traffic flows and detecting queues and accidents.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Smoke Detection

Smoke detection

It detects the presence of smoke, not necessarily of the dense type, in indoor or outdoor areas (such as tunnels or industrial sites), generating alarm notifications in case of the onset of fires.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Speed

Vehicle speed estimation

Automatic speed estimation of vehicles in transit through a virtual sensor. This module allows to acquire data about traffic conditions along a road infrastructure (real-time estimation of the speed of each vehicle, minimum and maximum speed values detected by the sensor and average calculation).

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Speed Drop

Vehicle speed drop detection

Detects speed drops within a sensor-defined area. An alarm is generated each time the average speed of vehicles transiting through a sensor falls below a configured threshold for longer than a defined time. This module is best suited to manage vehicle flow and detect gridlocks or accidents.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Stop

Detecting stationary vehicles / objects

An alarm signal is generated each time stationary objects or vehicles are detected within a configured sensor area for longer than a defined time. It detects vehicles or objects stationing on carriageway and/or inside tunnels, accidents, spilled loads, abandoned objects, etc.

Video Analytics

AiVu-Smart Modules-Tamper

Camera moving or tampering detection

Detects camera movements that prevent video-analytics. This module is best suited to detect vandalism.

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