An integrated and customised video analytics solution for traffic monitoring

Accidents, gridlocks, speed-drops, road-works and dangerous behaviour often impact heavily on road, motorway and tunnel efficiency and safety. AiVu-Smart AID is Aitek’s video-analytics solution to real-time detection of threats to traffic and infrastructure safety.

AiVu-Smart AID processes live or recorded footage from IP cameras positioned in key traffic areas, both in town and along road routs. By integrating existing video-surveillance systems, through a set of smart traffic monitoring functionalities, critical situations and on-going traffic changes can be managed promptly and effectively.

Video Content Analysis and Automatic Incident Detection algorithms supply users with real-time alerts to traffic anomalies as well as significant statistical data – such as vehicle counting or size classifying – that aid traffic-flow analysis. AiVu-Smart AID is able to integrate asset monitoring and management systems.

Thanks to know-how matured from the development of applications able to accommodate the needs and requirements of our domestic and international customers, AiVu-Smart AID is a video-analytics solution best-suited to toll-road operators and large system integrators managing large volumes of data and video.

The benefits of AiVu-Smart AID

  • Customised video-analytics algorithms
  • Easily expandable with new functionalities
  • User-friendly web-based configuration interface that does not require specific know-how
  • In case of variations in video camera positioning, full functionality may be restored simply by re-defining the virtual sensors
  • 24/7 monitoring of complex and extended road networks
  • Real-time detection of critical situations and support with decision-making aimed at pro-active problem-solving
  • Increased operational efficiency, minimal operational stops
  • Reduced turn-around response times
  • Supports the control centre and emergency intervention teams
  • Automatic forwarding of alarms and relevant recordings to the control centre and to hand-held devices
  • Acquiring and processing statistical data for reporting and business intelligence purposes

User interface

A web-based configuration interface allows users to draw virtual sensors (rules) that activate on all or part of the camera frameshot. Sensor number and type on cameras are easy to modify. A number of sensors can be configured on a single camera to simultaneously detect different events without altering processing performance.

Video analytics solutions for road and motorway security

AiVu-Smart AID-Stop

Detecting stationary vehicles and/or spilled loads

An alarm signal is generated each time stationary objects or vehicles are detected within a configured sensor area for longer than a defined time. AiVu SmartAID-Stop detects vehicles or objects stationing on carriageway and/or inside tunnels.


Detecting vehicles in lay-bys or other non-entry areas

An alarm signal is generated each time a person or vehicle transits through a monitored area. This module is best suited to the surveillance of no- or restricted-access areas, such as parking-lots, operations and road-works.


Detecting wrong way vehicles

Detects vehicles transiting in a chosen direction. An alarm signal is generated each time a vehicle transits the wrong way through a sensor-defined area. AiVu-SmartAID-Direction detects vehicles and/or people accessing a monitored area from the wrong way.


Detecting vehicle queues

Generates an alarm signal each time traffic within a sensor-defined area exceedes a configured threshold. This module is best suited to monitor vehicle queues and detect gridlocks or accidents.


Detecting speed drops

Detects speed drops within a sensor-defined area. An alarm is generated each time the average speed of vehicles transiting through a sensor falls below a configured threshold for longer than a defined time. This module is best suited to manage vehicle flow and detect gridlocks or accidents.

AiVu-SmartAID-Smoke & Fire

Smoke and fire detection

Verifying the presence of smoke in the monitored area. This module is best suited for the monitoring of roadway tunnels.


Counting vehicles

Counts vehicles transiting through a sensor-defined area. This newly devised technology replaces existing, easily-damaged, induction-coils embedded in the tarmac. This module is best suited for counting transit flows along a selected lane or through a selected access-gate.


Interdistance measurement

Automatic estimation of the interdistance between vehicles (in metres). This modules allows to acquire data about traffic conditions along a road infrastructure (real-time measurement of the interdistance between two vehicles, minimum and maximum interdistance values detected by the virtual sensor and average calculation).


Classifying vehicles by size

Automatic classification of vehicles by size. This module is best suited to classify vehicles transiting through a defined virtual sensor (up to 7 vehicle categories, from motorcycles to trucks).


Camera covering

Detects camera obscuration incidents (vandalism, dirty lenses and obstructions) that prevent video-analytics.

AiVu-Smart AID-Tamper

Camera moving or tampering

Detects camera movements that prevent video-analytics. This module is best suited to detect vandalism.

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