Nowadays a number of industrial and business processes still require operator management and handling. Measurements and tallies, the opening or closing of access/entry gates, plant start-up, sensor activation as well as a number of further actions are often operator-performed, thus affecting both costs and efficiency.

Upview is Aitek’s cost-effective solution for the automatic control of your production processes. This open platform integrates into any IT infrastructure by slotting in between your information systems and the end-devices.

Upview allows for unmanned automated production processes – thus avoiding manual checks and activation of procedures and end-devices. Operators will only need to take charge of anomalies or unexpected events.


Upview is your best choice for cost-effective production and business processes.

Why Upview?

… because it’s an open platform able to automate processes and manage end-devices relying on different technologies, independently of quantity, type and positioning.

… because it’s fully integrable into third-party applications. Upview uses IoT standards for data sharing towards external management systems and allows for higher-tier processing via cloud or online dashboard interface.

… because, unlike other market solutions, Upview is fully scalable and customisable via features that meet your needs and integrate into your IT system without interfering with on-going operations or affecting existing procedures.

… because it works in real time. Data acquired from end-devices are readily available without latency-time. Real-time gauging of your plant status!


→ Data acquisition, logging and clustering from multiple sources

→ IoT-based communication platform for easy integration into third-party applications

→ Bespoke modular platform that meets highly demanding customer needs

→ Real-time data/events acquisition, via polling

→ Max scalability and management of multiple end-devices via open-communication standards

→ Real-time display of alarms/events on the operator control panel and sent via SMS/email to staff

→ Plant management and failure handling (including causes) without on-site operators

→ System performance assessments via data clustering supplied by Upview

→ Real-time diagnostics and detection of anomalies serving maintenance activities

→ Full integration into other Aitek-owned platforms


Upview uses standard internet technology and IoT protocols to acquire end-device status info and increase efficiency thereof according to implemented system logics.

Big data acquisition and processing via Upview are crucial support for any informed strategic and operational decision-making. Upview acquires and clusters data from any source focusing on:

  • process events: production, plant start-up, measurements, tallies, plate detection, speed estimation, etc.
  • diagnostic events: anomaly, device failure, connection break-down, system unavailable, etc.

Dashboard and operator interfaces

Data acquired via Upview are readily available for business logics application, clustering, statistics and real-time display from customised dashboard and user interfaces.

User-friendly operational dashboards supply constantly up-dated information on system status. Dashboards can be displayed on non-interactive screens such as video walls, led walls or large-format LCD located inside control rooms. Access to the interface is also possible from most smart-phones and tablet browsers.

Software modules

Upview supplies a set of highly-specialised software modules able to assemble bespoke, real-time solutions meant to meet your automation needs.

Automation, control and end-device management modules


Automatic alarm generation and notification to third-party systems or users via SMS/email

Upview-Auto Pilot

Business logics for automatic process management


VOIP-switchboard integration for automatic voice-call routing

Upview-Manual Control

Tools for operator-based management of processes and end-devices


Automatic management of distributed end-devices


Automatic management of on-site interventions


Mobile/desktop application for access to real-time, stored and statistical data


Badge/pass management (including paperless)


Acquisition and storage of photo/video linked to process events from NVR devices


Acquisition of diagnostics events from field-sensors or end-devices


IoT-standard mediated communication interface from/to end-devices


Acquisition of transit data from gate automation systems (e.g. Aitek-Sesamo)