An integrated and highly customisable video analytics solution for rail and subway security

AiVu-Smart Rail is a Video Content Analysis solution for railway networks allowing for the real-time detection of events that may compromise the security of passengers, trains and infrastructures.

These software modules perform motion-detection and object-tracking analysis on footage coming from any type of camera (Megapixel, fixed, PTZ and thermal).

Alarm signals can be generated automatically either on the interface of the video-surveillance platform or on the dashboard of the rail circulation supervision system.

Events are detected through statistical analysis of variations in frame-shots taken in or out of doors, at night or inside tunnels. Our modules are meant for large-scale monitoring and surveillance systems, such as regional rail and subway networks.

Large rail and subway networks deploy AiVu-Smart Rail functions that enhance safety and security and integrate into existing advanced-functionality rail-traffic control systems.

The benefits of AiVu-Smart Rail

  • Customised video-analytics algorithms
  • Easily expandable with new functionalities
  • User-friendly web-based configuration interface that does not require specific know-how
  • In case of variations in video camera positioning, full functionality may be restored simply by re-defining the virtual sensors
  • 24/7 monitoring of complex and extended rail networks
  • Real-time detection of critical situations (obstacles, people crossing the rail tracks, crowding, etc.) and support with informed decision-making for pro-active prevention
  • Increased operational efficiency, minimal operational stops
  • Reduced turn-around response times following emergencies
  • Supports the control centre and emergency intervention teams
  • Integrates rail traffic management systems
  • Prevents theft and vandalism at stations and inside warehouses

User interface

A web-based configuration interface allows users to draw virtual sensors (rules) that activate on all or part of the camera frameshot. Sensor number and type on cameras are easy to modify. A number of sensors can be configured on a single camera to simultaneously detect different events without altering processing performance.

Video analytics solutions for rail and subway security


People counting

Counts people transiting through a selected area – e.g. subway turnstiles and entry/exit gates.


Overcrowding detection

The software detects over-crowding within a surveillance area by combining minimum crowd occupancy rates and maximum stationing time. If applicable, the software generates the relevant alarm. This system is meant for the surveillance of platforms, entry and exit gates, waiting areas, ticket offices, etc.


Crossing the yellow-line on platforms

Generates an alarm signal every time a person oversteps the yellow line on the platform for longer than a minimum time.


Crossing rail-tracks

Generates an alarm signal ever time a person crosses or walks along the rail-tracks.

AiVu-Smart Rail-Fire and Smoke

Smoke and fire detection

Verifying the presence of smoke and fire in the monitored area. It’s best suited for the monitoring of railway or subway tunnels.


Objects on rail-tracks and platforms

Generates an alarm signal every time an object stations within a sensitive area for longer than a minimum time – established at system configuration. AiVu-SmartRail-Stop is ideal for detecting objects on rail-tracks, platforms and inside stations.


Trespassing detection

Generates an alarm signal every time trespassing occurs – e.g. into areas that are not open to the public, worksites, warehouses, operational areas and inside tunnels.


Empty carriages detection

This unique module, ideal for driverless systems, detects people and objects inside rail carriages and checks that carriages are empty before entering the depot.

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