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Aitek started in 1994 being one partner within the «Telepass project» that accomplished the digital transformation of Autostrade per l’Italia. In these 28 years, we have succesfully developing and maintaining the Tolling Collection Systems that is the core revenue engine of the main Italian motorway operator. Today, Autostrade per l’Italia controls 3.000 Km (50%) out of the 6.000 Km of motorways granted to private entities and its tolling solution is adopted by other motorway companies controlling 1.250 Km (21%). In 2017 this Tolling System has generated revenues for 3,59 Billion € with a net income of 1 B€ (337.302€ per  km).

Aitek has implemented the technological systems for the toll payment at the M4 highway, that connects the North of Russia with the Black Sea. The M4 motorway has been designed as an “open” system, in which the user pays a fixed rate according to the class of the vehicle rather than in proportion to the distance travelled: for this reason, three toll plazas have been built along the route, at the cities of Voronez, Rostov and Krasnodar. The 66 lanes support all payment methods used by motorway concession companies, namely cash, credit cards, prepaid cards, electronic toll through on-board devices compliant with the TC278 European standard.

Aitek has supplied Tecnositaf S.p.A. with the toll collection system for the new East-West motorway, which is being completed. The system will manage the “East Lot” of the motorway, from Bordji Bou Arreridj to the border with Tunisia, for a length of about 400 kilometers. Aitek has implemented the collection management system, using all standard payment methods (cash, OBU devices, to credit cards/fuel cards and RFID-supported rechargeable debit cards) at the 20 plazas along the route, for a total of 131 lanes.

Aitek has designed and developed the toll collection systems on the motorway that connects Northern Italy with France, through the Frejus tunnel. The system provides for the presence of two barriers of only two toll collection barriers positioned at the ends of the motorway section, specifically in Avigliana (to the east) and Salbertrand (to the west). The 32 lanes implemented in total allow the management of all payment methods: cash, OBU devices, to credit cards/fuel cards and RFID-supported rechargeable debit cards.