Aitek has joined the “LiberAMI dalla plastica – Plastic-free me” campaign promoted by the Ambiente Mare Italia association. The main goal of the AMI project is to encourage the reduction of single-use plastic in companies and SMEs.

The campaign aims to promote “responsible” companies and organizations that are maintaining eco-friendly behavior in their territory, through the geolocation of all the companies that, like Aitek, are working to reduce the use of plastic inside their own company. The map of participating companies is on the website.

Ambiente Mare Italia, thanks to its activity of promoting the reduction of single-use plastics and beach and seabed cleaning, is working with its group of volunteers to save cetaceans and other endangered marine species.

This is why Aitek supports this program and is working to progressively reduce the use of plastic and seriously-polluting materials in its offices. We are also committed to raising customer and employee awareness on environmental pollution and sea protection.