The powerful and easy-to-use Video Management software

AiVu-VMS (Video Management Software) is an application meant for the management, viewing and transfer of video-streams from cameras and devices of a video-surveillance network.

A reliable, high-performance video-management solution that includes all functionalities required for the configuration of devices, the management of user profiles, the distribution of video and the storage of recordings.

AiVu-VMS is available on virtual platforms or standard servers. Thanks to a highly-scalable server architecture, AiVu-VMS supports an unlimited number of video-cameras and devices, thereby allowing for the creation of multi-site and/or multi-server all-needs-addressed solutions.

Front-end generates HTML/HTML5 pages for remote access from PC clients and mobile devices. AiVu-VMS also manages access by external networks to resources via a proxy module, without direct access to video-cameras and connected NVR video-recorders.

AiVu-VMS is an open platform designed for integration into third-party applications (supervisory systems, access control systems, alarm control units, etc.).


  • Management of a potentially unlimited number of IP Megapixel cameras and NVR devices
  • Available for standard hw or virtual platforms
  • Centralized control of access to live streams, recordings and alarms
  • Server redundancy to eliminate problems caused by failures, lack of connection, blackout
  • Compliant with privacy regulations with scheduled overwriting of recordings
  • PC Client, Web Client and Mobile Client (iOS and Android)
  • Client for remote decoder management and screen/video-wall viewing
  • Settable, self-balancing video-quality and bandwidth
  • Management of connections to AiVu-NVR devices in unicast, multicast and broadcast mode
  • H264 / WebM streaming integrated inside the browser without the use of plugins
  • Open platform for integration into third-party applications (supervisory systems, access control systems, alarm control units)

Ideal for distributed and large-scale applications

AiVu-VMS is based on a client-server architecture to provide maximum flexibility, customization and integration.

A single AiVu-VMS server can manage many distributed recording NVR devices efficiently managing all connected devices, independent of the system’s size and geographical distribution.

Distributed solutions can be designed to employ several AiVu-VMS servers organized in a parent-child hierarchy, allowing to create efficient and cost-effective “Enterprise” solutions: all features provided by the distributed subsystems can be managed by a single VMS center with no need for additional servers or specific network devices.

The great performance of AiVu-VMS and the wide variety of features ensure the transmission of video streams to decoders for display on monitors and access to live and recorded streams both from fixed workstations and from mobile devices of security personnel, allowing to reduce response times.

Furthermore, AiVu-VMS integrates video wall controller features specific to control rooms, allowing operators to constantly control monitored areas, to share in real time information, live and recorded video streams, images and alarms and to coordinate at best the response procedures in case of any event.

Cybersecurity first!

  • Maximum protection of video streams by separating the LAN network to which video cameras are connected (network accessible only through AiVu-VMS) from the WAN network providing access to the Internet
  • Secure web client access via connections based on HTTPS and SSL protocols, providing greater security to data browsing and transfer
  • Integrity of the software preventing any external access, tampering or installation of malicious software
  • Advanced password management: use of complex passwords composed of alphanumeric characters, non-recoverable access credentials, no default passwords, setting of expiration date of credentials

Great performance

AiVu-VMS acquires, converts and records video streams with a frame rate up to 30 frames per second at standard resolution (for analog video cameras) or megapixel resolution (for IP video cameras). The employed algorithms allow to define the bandwidth for communication, the amount of disk space to occupy in case of local recording and the video quality.

User-friendly interface

A front-end interface accessible from any browser allows for displays of live, recordings and alarms and includes a full range of tools tailored to the needs of distributed and large-scale video-surveillance solutions. This interface guarantees overall management of any connected device, independently of system size.

Advanced permission management

AiVu-VMS allows system administrators to define different levels of access to the features of AiVu-VMS, based on the tasks of users or according to a hierarchical structure. Access to video cameras, to stored video recordings, to the alarm console and to the system configuration interface can all be set based on corporate and/or operational needs.

Alarm Manager

AiVu-VMS allows for real-time management of alarms generated by signal loss, connection failure or status changes of digital input (e.g. automatic actions such as doors opening / closing or light/acoustic warning signals). Integration with motion detection sw modules is available as an option. Alarm signals, except for video or network failures, are automatically coupled with relevant video recordings. Past log search tools facilitate the viewing of selected alarm signals by date, time, alarm type and camera.

Interactive maps

AiVu-VMS improves the user experience by supporting static maps and on-line mapping services to provide an overview of the monitored video sites. Monitoring procedures are furthermore simplified by the possibility of displaying the map of monitored sites directly on the home page of the interface: with just a few clicks it is possible to access images and respond to any event as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Decoder management

A dedicated tool allows to send live and/or recorded streams to connected decoders to display images on monitors. All is required is to select the video cameras of interest (and the time interval in case of recordings) and drag and drop in the layout of the decoder to automatically display the video stream on the monitor.


AiVu-VMS optionals

Vehicle license plate recognition

AiVu-VMS integrates video cameras for the recognition of license plates and/or ADR codes (dangerous goods), associating the acquired data (license plate, date/time, etc.) with the video recording corresponding to each vehicle. AiVu-VMS is set up for connection with official databases for the real-time verification of information associated with the detected license plate (validity of insurance, vehicle inspection, etc.). This feature is a reliable tool meant for security and traffic management personnel which simplifies any inspection and identification procedure.


Video wall management

AiVu-VMS integrates a controller specifically designed by Aitek for control rooms, where a large number of streams from IP video cameras or video servers must be displayed on the monitors composing a video wall. AiVu-VMS provides control room operators with real-time access to all available information: live streams, recordings, alarms, maps and all the tools allowing constant control over monitored areas.



AiVu-VMS can be employed to manage mobile video surveillance systems (such as those on board public transport, company vehicle fleets, security service vehicles) or to implement solutions which acquire images from smartphones or tablets. By using dynamic maps, a dedicated section of the AiVu-VMS interface allows to monitor the path of video recording devices installed on board vehicles and to browse images acquired from connected video cameras.


Digital I/O management

AiVu-VMS allows to associate an input/output signal to a video camera, i.e. sending a command to a remote device by pressing a dedicated button. For example, an opening command to a gate in the view of a video camera can be sent by simply clicking a button in the interface video viewer.


People/vehicle counting

By integrating dedicated video cameras produced by leading manufacturers, AiVu-VMS provides a reliable tool for automatically counting the number of people or vehicles passing through a gate or detecting the number of people inside the area monitored by the video camera.

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