In-vehicle embedded solutions for smart video security and passenger information

AiVu Mobile is an innovative solution to ensure the security of buses, train, metro and taxis, featuring all the functions for remote and real time monitoring (video surveillance, vehicle tracking, alarm management), on-board digital communication and WiFi connectivity.

Besides video, AiVu Mobile can generate manually or automatically alarms like danger or safety threats (such as panic button in the driver’s cab or unexpected doors openings), but also malfunctions of the video cameras and recording device, network disconnections or GPS signal lost.

A user friendly web interface allows operators in the monitoring center to display real time images from on board video-cameras, to consult the database of recorded videos, to continuously tracking the position of each vehicle, to display and receive all alarms and to support on board personnel in case of a danger.


  • Simultaneous acquisition and storage of feeds from multiple surveillance cameras and sensors
  • It manages up to 8 IP cameras. The number of cameras can be increased using a network switch, maintaining reliability and quality of the images
  • Configurazione, gestione e manutenzione da remoto
  • Compliant with different video codec standards (MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-2, WebM)
  • Real time video transcoding and transmission over WiFi/GSM/GPRS/HSDPA/UMTS
  • Internal video storage on SSD or automotive grade HD
  • On board diagnostic dashboard
  • On board touch screen monitor (optional)
  • GPS for tracking and images georeferentiation
  • Emergency button management
  • Integrated Digital Signage application for info and advertising (optional)
  • Integrated Hot Spot Application for WiFi services
  • Mobile integration with tablets, smartphones and wireless cameras for images acquisition and control

How does it work?

A single in-vehicle device equipped with a digital video-recorder, a router for connections to the network and a GPS receiver, guarantees acquisition, recording and transmission of video streams to the monitoring center.

The on-board GPS system makes it possible to geo-referentiate live/recorded images: for each sequence, it displays the timestamp, the vehicle ID and geographical coordinates.

Footage from on-board video-cameras is forwarded to a remote control centre and security staff may then display live and recordings, view vehicle positioning, manage alarms and support on-board staff whenever required.

Designed to offer the highest performance standards, in the most extreme operative conditions, AiVu Mobile is a complete solution which exploits the best technologies available in video, data transmission and communication to guarantee utmost reliability.

Display of images from monitoring center

A web interface makes it possible to manage all fleet vehicles from remote. For each vehicle, the user can review live video streams, send controls to the video-cameras to pan, tilt and zoom. Videos are identified with timestamp, GPS location and sequence identifier.

A custom application with typical play, stop, fast forward and rewind buttons allows the operator to view the recorded videos in a friendly way. The interface allows the user to simultaneously display videos from several cameras organized as videowall, or to display a single video stream in full screen format.

Display of images on mobile devices

AiVu-Mobile can redistribute all live and recorded video streams on board vehicles to mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) of personnel. Using the latest HTML5 technologies a support to all kind of operating systems is guaranteed.

WiFi hotspot

The on-board device provides WiFi connectivity that can be used by personnel to send to the control center images and videos taken from mobile devices and wireless cameras. The WiFi connectivity can also be configured to offer Internet Connections Services to passengers of public transportation.

Digital Input/Output

AiVu Mobile supports digital I/O to detect events, such as alarms generated by the “panic button” in the driver’s cab, or following unexpected opening of the doors or if the vehicle is at a standstill. AiVu Mobile automatically responds by acquiring and video-recording the event and enabling the transmission of video streams to the control center.

Alarm management

All the configured alarms are instantly send to the control center and available to operators. Alarms are transmitted with the related video sequences linked to the event’s timestamp, vehicle ID and geographical localization. The system allows operators to configure user-lists to automatically send e-mail and/or SMS alerts for every occurred event.

Passenger information (optional)

Would you like to invest in security in a manner that is also profit-making? AiVu-Mobile conjugates video-surveillance and Passenger Information. This mobile solution manages the broadcasting of service information, timetables, routes, infotainment and news to on-board displays. Integrated into an on-board device, this powerful media-player enables remote programming and broadcasting of audio-video content playlists and news tickers. You will be able to create bespoke dynamic communication and develop profitable business models through advertising sales.

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