Easy access of cameras from anywhere connected

AiVu-Client D uses H.263/H.264/MPEG4 standards to perform real-time decompression and display of video-stream coming from Aitek AiVu devices.

AiVu clients are key to AiVu video solutions. They decompress and decrypt digital video streams on IP and make them available for display. AiVu clients have been devised to be a prompt solution for checkpoint booths, supervising operations centres and control rooms.

Thanks to this AiVu-Client D solution, security staff have easy access to servers, AiVu devices and compliant IP-cameras. The “virtual camera” feature can be used to record footage displayed on screen onto remote AiVu-NVR devices.


  • Intel-based standard architecture
  • Upgradable sw decoding applications available
  • Highly reliable operating system and flash disk application
  • Aitek Linux Embedded operating system-based application for greater fault tolerance
  • Standard ITU-T H.263, H.264 and MPEG-4-compliant encoding sw application
  • Full-screen or Quad-view display (4, 6, 9, 16 quads.)
  • Automatic memory of most recently configured layout
  • Energy-efficient
  • HDMI output
  • VESA-mount

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