Aitek is all about Innovative Technological Solutions. We develop intelligent systems for transportation, video surveillance for security, and digital signage for communication.

Our portfolio of products supports any Aitek solutions – the result of 30+ years of major contracting and on-going commitment to leading technology.

We supply a wide range of smart features that help develop fully integrated, bespoke solutions ideally suited to meet your needs.

Protecting your work, advancing your efficiency, supporting your business.




Providing reliable tolling, traffic monitoring and transit management solutions.

Increased road traffic creates greater challenges for network operators. With road and tollway security as a must, automated traffic management solutions are crucial. Aitek bring together state-of-the-art data acquisition, image processing technology and ITS-specific know-how to provide advanced tolling, traffic monitoring and transit management solutions.

State-of-the-art technology for gate automation and the protection of goods, people and port terminal infrastructure.

Sea and Inland Port protection is as much about goods and infrastructure as about people and terminal gate accesses. Aitek are committed to providing Customers with HD video-monitoring, cutting-edge video-analytics and automated rail/road gate management for any operational need.

Innovative solutions for safer, smarter and more efficient rail and subway transportation.

Aitek offers a wide range of customisable rail transportation solutions that include video-surveillance, smart video-analytics, automated turnstile access control, ticket validation systems and digital signage for advertising and infotainment at highly attended locations.

We offer effective and dynamic solutions that help you protect and promote your business.

In the retail world, where competition is fiercest, customer satisfaction is key to business growth. Aitek produce supermarket, shopping-centre and in-store solutions that meet all your security, communication and customer liaison needs. By improving your retail processes, we help you deliver shopping experience that meets consumer wishes.