The solution that brings videowall controller and IP video stream decoder functionalities together on one device

AiVu-Videowall-Decoder is especially tailored for control room use, where large numbers of video stream from IP cameras / video-servers must be displayed on monitors forming a videowall.

AiVu-Videowall-Decoder brings videowall controller and decoder functionalities together on one device, thus eliminating the need to re-digitalise output video-signals from decoders, reducing costs and optimising quality and image fluidity.

Hardware architecture allows users to manage up to 12 DVI- or HDMI-input monitors or up to 24 Display Port input monitors.

AiVu-Videowall-Decoder is a must-have tool in control rooms needing to display IP video stream, owing to such features as personalisable display layouts, digital zoom/crop/enhancement, pre-defined configuration storage, native management of ONVIF-standard cameras and video-servers, a powerful HTML5 interface and the use of JSON/REST api for integration with third-party systems.


  • Aitek Linux Embedded 64-bit operating system-based application ensures improved system fault tolerance
  • Encrypted flash-disk operating system and application hosting that cannot be altered or damaged by power-loss
  • MJPEG, H.263, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 e VP8 standard compliancy
  • Easily updated to new codec standards
  • Manages up to 12 1920×1080-monitors in any layout
  • Simultaneous display of up to 64 full-HD cameras with personalisable layout
  • Full AiVu video-platform integration
  • Stand-alone decoder compatible with S-profile ONVIF standard and top-brand IP cameras / video-servers
  • HTML5, API JSON/REST, SDK web interfaces

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