Innovation is the engine of success. We choose to invest in R&D that powers growth.

On an ever-changing market-place, the capability of delivering innovative solutions featuring state-of-the-art technology informs our competitiveness and helps our Customers improve their business.

The choice to operate in highly innovative areas requires strong investments in industrial research and a close collaboration with the scientific and technological community. For this reason, since its very beginning, Aitek has been participating in national and European research projects. The Company has also joined some consortiums and industrial districts promoting collaboration activities between SMEs, Universities and Research Organizations.

Since 2002 Aitek has been registered in the Albo dei Laboratori di Ricerca of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, according to Art. 14 D.M. 593 of 8/8/2000 (Executive Decree n. 1166 of 31/7/2002).

Our customers can entrust Aitek with project works and researches and thus take advantage of FAR (Fondo per le Agevolazioni alla Ricerca) funds to finance orders or contracts for research activities in the following areas:

  • industry research;
  • production Process Research and Study;
  • previous Research Results application;
  • technical Staff Training;
  • Experimental Trials and Tests.

In 1999, in collaboration with Genoa University LIRA-Lab, Aitek was awarded prestigious IST Prize for Giotto-Retinic Project: a retina-like space-variant geometry CMOS digital videocamera for video communication on wireless networks (European Patent n. 1089342).

Aitek is your ideal technology partner to meet together the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.